Work Meeting 2019

Working Meeting for Fiscal Year 2020

On 28-30 October 2019 at the Grand Ussu Hotel & Convention - Cisarua, PT. Videi General Insurance held a 2020 Financial Year Work Meeting with the theme "Improving the Quality of Human Resources Towards the Era of Digitalization to Win Competitiveness". The Work Meeting was attended by the Heads of Branch / Marketing Offices of PT. Videi General Insurance and the event have become the Company's annual agenda. In addition to tightening friendship, the Work Meeting is a place / place to coordinate between the Head Office and Branch / Marketing Offices in order to achieve the Company's targets.

10th Anniversary PT. Videi General Insurance

HUT Videi 10
Pemotongan Tumpeng
Jajaran Direksi dan Komisaris
Wednesday 12 June 2019, PT. Videi General Insurance ("Company") celebrates its 10th Birthday. As a form of gratitude to God Almighty, the Company held a simple Thanksgiving event attended by the Board of Commissioners, Directors and employees of PT. Videi General Insurance. The Company also thanks the Shareholders, Customers and Business Partners for their support and trust for the progress of the Company.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)