Surety Bond

Suretyship is an agreement where by a party (called the surety company) guarantees the performance by another party (called the principal)


Customs Bond

To protect government revenue, ensure the collection of customs duties


General Accident Insurance

This class of Insurance consists of many different types of product such as General Public Liability.



Award Media Asuransi 2011

Videi General Insurance awarded "BEST GENERAL INSURANCE 2011 with equity Rp. 100 BILION in 2011"


Award Info Bank 2015

Videi General Insurance awarded are predicated "very goodthe financial performance during year on 2015



Award Media Asuransi 2013

Videi General Insurance awarded "BEST GENERAL INSURANCE 2013 with equity Rp100 BILLION in 2013"


Awarded Infobank 2013

Videi General Insurance awarded are predicated "very goodthe financial performance during year on 2013



PT. VIDEI General Insurance, which was named FADENT MAHKOTA SAHID, established in March 17, 1975. During our business activities, VIDEI Insurance has served various type of general insurance, such as fire insurance, suretyship, vehicles, personal accident, liability, engineering, industrial/ property risks, oil and gas, marine cargo, marine hull, etc.
Our company also has experience in dealing with settlement claims including complex technical that causes great amount of losses, in order to maintain customer loyalty.
Enhancing our customer loyality has become our company aim in order to boost sustainable growth of VIDEI, through :

  1. Developing and maintaining an appropriate level of expertise and experiences key executives as the company grows in size and complexity.
  2. Implementing the prudent underwriting policy and a strong system of internal control.
  3. Developing an internal capital adequacy asessment process, through which to ensure that the company has adequate capital to support all the risks and liabilities and to set capital target that appropriate for the companys risk profile and control environment.
  4. Reviewing how strategy is progressing in the prevailing economic circumlances and any strategic changes that could benefit to the company.

By standing steady on that, VIDEI Insurance is expected that be able to keep sustainable growth in the dynamic market competition and risk-based regulation. This expectation is proven by our premium revenue and profit which are constantly growing and also high RBC (Risk Based Capital) indicates that VIDEI Insurance has strong financial condition.  We are known and listed as an insurer to government's banks, state-own-enterprise, and several private companies.
We operates in 30 major cities in Java, Bali, Sumatra, Kalimantan, Sulawesi and Papua Barat through the networks of our branch and representative offices which is completed with supporting facilities in order to serve our customers.
Since June 12, 2009 The company name, has been changed to be "Uberrimae Videi" or "Utmost Good faith", in broad term generally, has become company fundamental behavior or internal governance guidelines in operating our business activities. Therefore, we believe that Videi Insurance growth depends on our innovation in maintaining customer loyalty.

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